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Kingston KTH-X3B/4G 4GB DDR3 1333MHZ 204 Pin Sodimm True Equivalent Hp 572294-D88; 575480-001; 577606-001; 599092-001; 599092-002; 621569-001; AT913AA; AT913ET; AT913UT; BV075AV; BV081AV (2X4GB); NU466AV; NU495AV; NU581AV; NU582AV (2X4GB); VB521AV; VB821AV; VB823AV (2X4GB); VC117AV; VC118AV (2X4GB); VD464AV (4X4GB); VG323AV (3X4GB; VH641AA ; VW951AV; WN357AV; WX672AV (2X4GB); WX801AV (2X4GB)

KTHX3B4G 4GB DDR3 1333MHZ 204 Pin Sodimm

Kingston H. Corporation

Package Quantity: 1

Looking for a sodimm memory stick? Have a look at the KTH-X3B/4G 4GB DDR3, a great product by Kingston H. Corporation. The manufacturer's number for this product is 0740617166446. The sodimm is 4"H x 2"L x 0.2"W and weighs somewhere around 0.05 lbs. Best price KTH-X3B/4G 4GB DDR3. To get the best price for this sodimm memory stick along with other products, check out our store add to cart button below.


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